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Nexpo Tropical Fruit Juice Powder

Fruit Juice Powders

NEXPO has diversified its activities to manufacturing Spray Dried Fruit Juice Powder. Fruits are rich in nutrients including, dietary fibres, antioxidants, and vitamins. The shelf life of fruits can be increased by spray drying. Spray drying is ideal for this process as it locks in the nutrients of the fruits in an easy to use powder readily miscible in water or in other beverages.

We ensure to obtain only the freshest fruits to make our Spray Dried Fruit Juice Powders so that we are able to lock in all the key nutrients of the fruits during the drying process to give a final product that matches the characteristic natural flavour as well as the colour of typical fresh fruit. In order to achieve this, we have optimised our spray drying technology to produce high quality all-natural Fruit Juice Powder following industry guidelines undergoing quality testing of raw materials, intermediates and products. Nexpo Spray Dried Fruit Juice Powder manufacturing process includes aqueous extraction, concentration of the extract and finally spray drying. Nexpo manufactures Organic and Conventional Fruit juice Powders of tropical fruits such as Mango, Pineapple, Passion fruit and Guava using the freshest ingredients.